[#14] Rubik’s Riddle

I’m afraid I’ll have to admit that I occasionally like to waste my time by scrolling through Internet pictures. But, alas, something good can come out of it, sometimes! Please take a moment and study the picture below.


Social psychology teaches that people are consumed by the self. The best way that people try to protect the self is by working on the outside: the appearance. Like the Rubik Faces, we like to pretend and project our seemingly perfect image to others in the attempt to save face.

In doing so, we push people who don’t seem to have everything together to the outskirts of society. This perpetuates the vicious cycle: people (Pharisees) judge those who don’t apparently have life figured out, the Untouchables get hurt and face negative consequences, and the Pharisees, seeing those consequences, keep working harder to show an even better image of themselves to avoid the consequences, and it goes on.

Here’s the thing: no one has the right to judge those who don’t seem to have everything figured out. You know why? Because NO ONE has life figured out. We’re not God.

What can we do about this?

  1. Stop pretending like we have everything together.
  2. Learn to lean on other people, admitting our shortcomings, fears, and weaknesses.
  3. Love the underdogs of this society.

I’ve never been able to solve the Rubik’s Cube, but figuring life out something completely different. Perhaps we were never meant to solve it, but the complexities in our lives is what makes us human — celebrate it, cherish it. Perhaps this will be the key to compassion and love that we all desperately need.


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