[#6] Your Testimony Is So Boring.

You ever hear one of those testimonies that are so powerful and way out there that you wonder, “Why can’t my testimony be like that?”

I was once sitting at a conference with my mouth agape with the things that some people have gone through. These people have gone through all kinds of addictions, including but not excluding: sex, drugs, alcohol, smoking, witchcraft, murderous impulses, abuses, violations, etc, etc.. People would give a standing ovation and shout praises to God. Even this guy agrees:

I’m overwhelmed with the sense of God’s purpose in the lives of the person who’s given those awesome testimonies, but then I think of myself and how lame my life is. Man, I’ve lived a good life, been a good pastor’s kid, been a good missionary kid, never done any of those things that the Christian society deems as a big no-no (typically drugs and sex). I have nothing to offer as a mind-blowing testimony.

But I remember the conversation I had with my brother some years ago, and I realize just how powerful my testimony can be. Yes– I’ve never gotten high, had sex or participated in magic (unless you count as being a Harry Potter fan as being involved in sorcery), but here’s the thing: How many people do you know who’s been faithful to God their entire lives, living a life that is relatively blameless?

The truth is: it’s hard being loyal and faithful to God at all times! You think we don’t have the same cravings as most normal human beings do? If you sincerely believe so, bless your heart. I’d love to be able to go around and do whatever the heck I wanted to. But true devotion takes sacrifice.

I’m not diminishing the testimonies of whose lives have been liberated by the power of God. In fact, praise God for his grace and mercies! But for those of you who, like me, have lived a persevering life that is devoted to God – who have faced ridicule and social scorn for your beliefs and lifestyles – your testimonies are so tremendously wonderful to those who are having trouble placing their trust and faith in God because, truth is, living for Christ everyday is not easy. It was never easy. But our God above is watching and He is so very proud of you. So keep being awesome, and let your boring testimony shine for all to see, because boring isn’t cliche.

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3 responses to “[#6] Your Testimony Is So Boring.

  1. Inspired, DK. I often find myself thinking the same thing. Sometime I feel like the fact that I don’t have an interesting story makes my testimony less important, but that’s really not the case. I count myself very blessed to have led such a “boring” life.

  2. Our testimonies are very similar! My dad is also a pastor. I grew up in church. Now, I am also a pastor and counselor. Truth be told, living the Christian life is difficult. As G.K. Chesteron once said, “”The Christian
    ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.” A life truly devoted to Christ is awe inspiring.

    I also think its not what we don’t do that defines us as Christians, it is what we are doing. As James said, ” be doers of the word.” That is the defining feature of a Christian.

    All things considered, God uses everyone’s testimony in a powerful way. Continue in service to Christ!

    Blessings and Walk Good!

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